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The Change Your Money Story Online Live Course

If you think you can’t afford this course then you can’t afford not to do it. 

Here are a few good questions to ask yourself.
  • How long have you been struggling with money for? 
  • How many mindset courses have you done yet you are still in the same position?
  • How many times have you heard a lack of money blamed on low self-worth but that doesn't resonate with you or when you've worked on self-worth, it didn't make any difference?
  • How many more times are you going to feel nervous when you pay a bill, or worse, worry about whether your debit card will be declined when you pay for your weekly shopping?
This six-week course will help you remove the deep-rooted stories you have around money that are affecting your current results.

It will give you a tool for life so that you can clear any money triggers that come up post completing the course.

Remove all those childhood stories and beliefs around money and how you felt and still feel about it.

Change your money stories by re-wiring your brain after you have removed the emotional triggers.

You will leave with a 30 day script of how you want your finances to look in 30 days with the tools to help you achieve that.

You will start feeling less stressed and more abundant.

You will be able to save money and powerfully manage money in such a way that you don’t get into debt again.

You will leave with a checklist of where to put every transaction into your account so you can start having fun in your life, save, AND enjoy paying your bills on time.

And if you are a business owner you will notice the energy change around money so you are able to remove the neediness and scarcity of selling.  This will enable you to feel more abundant and have confidence in asking for money, asking people to pay you without feeling the need for giving a discount.

And if you are employed you will most definitely remove the belief that there is more month than money, you won’t be getting your calculator out 5 days before payday to see how much money you will have spare to spend on yourself? You will start to manage your money more powerfully so you don’t buy things to make you happy, and you don’t constantly use your credit cards.

You get lifetime access to the course so when you up-level your finances, you can use the tools we give you to breakthrough to the next financial level, and the next, and the next and the next.

You are fully supported in a private Facebook group and will stay in the group for life if you choose.

Mel Miles

Mel Miles - Distribution Manager

"Now though after going through the money course which Tracy led, I am managing my money. I have my money jars in operation and finally at the age of 52 finally able to manage my money and be able to pay bills, have fun, and finally be in control of money instead of money controlling me."

What the 6 weeks looks like

Annie McKay

Annie McKay - Coach

"Money management and accepting responsibility has been a game changer. From being in debt to having savings and enjoying ourselves feels incredible, and I just want the same for others now because it's amazing and continues to get even better."

Week 1

Getting the lay of the land
This is where you get everything out of your head around money with regards to your feelings. How you have treated money, how you feel about it now, how you feel about money going forward in your life. This is important so we know exactly what we are dealing with in Week Three onwards so you see great results.

Week 2

What's your money story
In week two, you fill in a checklist with your current beliefs and stories about money, and how you want money to show up in your life. This is so that we can start re-framing your stories so you look at money differently ‘Change Your Thoughts, Change Your World.’

Week 3

Money management 101 - Introducing the money jars
This is the first live teaching class. We help you start managing your money and tracking your receipts. Understanding where your money currently goes and how to change that so that you can start having fun without worrying where money is coming from. Paying your bills on time, saving money, and also buying gifts without over-spending.

Week 4

Triggers - What fires off the feelings
Did someone say trigger? This week we help you understand your triggers, what they are, and what they look like. So many people talk about triggers but few know what they are, how they show up, and how to resolve them permanently. This week is brilliant for you to get into the habit of recording your triggers so you can deal with them as they show up so you don’t suppress them.

Week 5

The Feeling Code™ emotional release technique
This is the juicy bit. We teach you a Feeling Code™ technique to resolve your emotional triggers around money. Mindset doesn’t heal you or resolve your money triggers 100%, in fact it is harder to change your money story purely with mindset. The Feeling Code technique resolves on a deep level the stuff that is holding you back so you can then change habits easily dealing with money, asking for money, and making money.

Week 6

Re-write you money story
Re-write your money story. When you resolve your money beliefs and trauma around money through using the Feeling Code technique, it really is starting to re-write your money story and changing your beliefs. We give you a handy tool to take away so you can change your money situation in 30 days, so you feel more abundant about money and better equipped to deal with what shows up on a daily basis.
Tracy Hamilton

Tracy Hamilton - The Money Course Creator

"At that time I was rebuilding life from homelessness, all I had was benefit money, yet I learned to invest, have fun, save, develop myself, give and cover my essentials, I learned it’s not about the amount you have its what you do with it that makes the difference in your life.

Now money has become a game and one that's fun to play."

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